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Jul 07, 2019
Independence Day

My Felix is so festive when it comes to holidays. The Fourth of July is no exception. His main highlight is the little parade that my parent's community puts on yearly. It isn't much; a firetruck, a couple military vehicles, and kids and families who decorated bikes, wagons, and golf carts in red, white, and blue. Yet he loves it because of the few people that throw out candy! My little sweet toothed man. 

I will forever find the Fourth bittersweet now after the loss of our Diego. The fourth was the last real day we got to spend with him and I am so thankful we had the opportunity as he was gone just 18 days later. We didn't get to see much of his handsome hilarious self in the years he had joined the police, so I will always treasure the day in that way but it will be accompanied with a heavy heart. 

Miss you, Birthday Twin.